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Beyond the Brushes Membership


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Don't be limited by pre-made brushes or a lack of a traditional art education!  Join us and take your work "Beyond the Brushes."


Beyond the brushes is a monthly membership program where you'll learn the skills necessary to create hand rendered, mixed media artwork.  The goal is to become a master painter in Photoshop -- also known as a Photoshop Artisan. 


Common Misconceptions...

"I don't have any talent. I'll never be able to do it."

Talent is nothing more than a pursued interest.  If you can follow simple directions, you can learn to paint in Photoshop!

"This is going to take too much time to learn."

The lessons inside Beyond the Brushes will build your skills efficiently with as little as 60 minutes a week practice.

"I can't draw stick people."

With Photoshop painting, ZERO drawing skills are required. Using clone painting methods, your subject is brought in like magic. 

"I don't understand art principles."

ZERO previous art experience is required! Inside Beyond the Brushes there's an entire series of simple exercises to expand your skills to their maximum potential.


"It's overwhelming and too complicated to learn."

How do you eat an elephant? One small bite at a time. Every lesson is designed to incrementally increase your skill, while building confidence in your brushwork. 

"Why waste my time when clients won't want it?"

More affordable than oil on canvas with very similar look, these paintings practically sell themselves!  Set your business apart from the competition by offering this high end product.

"How do I find my own style?"

Begin by learning where current ideas about art come from.  Then simple lessons on Art History will give your style direction while showcasing the best paintings created throughout history.


The world of art doesn't need another Rembrandt, Warhol, Picasso, or Kahlo. 

The world of art needs YOU!

We will find the artist hidden inside you together.

 What can I expect to learn inside Beyond the Brushes?

Beyond the Brushes has been designed from the ground up to give you everything you'll need to become a master Photoshop Artisan.  From the basic fundamentals of Photoshop, all the way through the most advanced concepts, you'll be guided step by step to finding your own unique style to become a Photoshop Artisan.

Weekly Lessons

One lesson each week. Photoshop Painting, the Elements of Art, Art History, and more -- all designed to advance your skill from novice to artisan!


Join a bustling community of others that are on the same journey to become a Photoshop Artisan!  There's even a mobile app to keep you connected!

Live Sessions

Live demonstrations, critiques, goal building sessions, contests, awards, cheat sheets, brushes -- you name it, we've got it!  And it's all inside the membership!

Wouldn't an in-person workshop give me everything I need to become a master in a matter of days?

In all honesty - No. 

  • mastery of skills takes time
  • skills are incremental and build on each other
  • retention of skills doesn't happen in a week

Mastering each stage of skills before progressing is the key to success!

Beyond the Brushes is a monthly membership program where you'll learn the skills necessary to create hand rendered, mixed media artwork.  The goal is to become a master painter in Photoshop -- also known as a Photoshop Artisan. 

 There are two ways to paint in Photoshop CC...

Clone Painting

With clone painting, you do NOT need any drawing skills.  You start with a photograph and hand paint OVER the photograph bringing in your subject like magic and eliminating the most difficult stage of learning to paint -- the ability to draw!


If you have more of an artistic background and some basic drawing skills, it is absolutely possible to paint beautiful works freehand in Photoshop CC.  As a matter a fact - the image at the top of this page is 100% freehand!


While most students in Beyond the Brushes opt for clone painting, there is absolutely enough latitude for those that wish to tackle freehand work!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Content

In short -- No.

There are several methodologies for painting in Photoshop.

If you're looking for "one click simple" -- something like applying a filter -- Beyond the Brushes probably isn't for you.

If you're looking to take a class today and sell a painting tomorrow -- Beyond the Brushes probably isn't for you.

The method I teach is hand rendered brushstrokes from the first to the last. It is ABSOLUTELY achievable by most Photoshop users since the most difficult element of painting - the ability to draw - has been eliminated.

The reward for mastering my method is the ability to create one-of-a-kind, hand rendered, mixed media artwork that isn't achievable any other way.

You can truly advertise your work as "hand painted" where most other "digital painting" methods cannot make this claim (not with integrity anyway lol).

  • Instant access to the archives of past lessons
  • A new video lesson three weeks out of every month. The three lesson types will build the best possible painting foundation.
    • Photoshop Painting Lesson
      • The logical progression of the lessons will allow you to work at your own pace while consistently advancing your Photoshop Painting skills
      • Includes all reference images and brushes so you can follow along
    • Elements of Art Lesson
      • Simple assignments to strengthen your knowledge of the basic building blocks of art -- these are the elemental tools of the artist!
    • Art History Lesson
      • You can't know where you're going if you don't know where we've been
      • These lessons will become critical in the search for a unique style all your own
  • Implementation Week
    • This is when we focus on getting techniques to work for your particular style
  • Access to live, online events
    • Monthly Live Q&A and Goal Setting Session
  • Surprise Challenges
    • Focus on an area of struggle to quickly master it!
  • Video Critiques
  • Quarterly Contests
  • Access to an ever expanding library of bonus tips and videos
  • Downloads of brushes, cheat sheets, and swipe files
  • Access to the privately hosted, online community

There are over 55 video lessons just in the first two Artisan Stages with new lessons being added each week!

These first 55 lessons are just the tip of the iceberg!  There's also live, online events, bonus content, critiques, brushes, cheat sheets, etc.

A maximum of 30 minutes (some as short as 5-10 minutes).  No long boring videos! These are short and to the point to fit into your busy schedule.

The first 3 Thursdays of the month by 9 a.m. CST. 

There may be the occasional adjustment to the schedule to accommodate holidays, and -- since it's a one woman show over here -- I might want to take a vacation once in a while πŸ˜‚

All members will be informed of any planned schedule change.

The videos are provided in HD quality, and I am mic'd for best possible sound quality. 

 However, the video quality will automatically adjust based on your internet speed to prevent "buffering" to give you the best streaming experience.


Beyond the Brushes is a community and I am happy to serve you in whatever way you need to succeed. 

However, videos are filmed a month (and sometimes two) in advance so keep in mind it may take some time to get to the request considering the planning and shooting constraints. 

Believe it or not - it’s not as simple as just hitting “record” 😜

No they are not. This is a subscription, much like Netflix. You are not purchasing the videos for download. 

However, brushes, reference images, cheat sheets, etc are downloadable.

As long as you continue to pay the monthly subscription fee, you will have access to ALL the videos. They will not be deleted or taken down so you can watch any of the archived videos at any time. That's 36 short topical videos (plus critiques, bonuses, bushes, cheat sheets, quick tips, demos, etc, etc, etc) every single year!

I encourage you to share your feelings about Beyond the Brushes with others!

Especially if you enjoy it 😁

However, please do NOT share the videos, downloads or access to the community with non-members as they have not paid for the content. 

I use the income from Beyond the Brushes to feed four teenager'ish kids.  They WILL mutiny if they don't get fed.  Mutiny doesn't sound like much fun... I don't wanna be mutinied on πŸ˜₯

Anyone caught sharing with non-members will be permanently banned.

You betcha! I’ll send you an email each week letting you know what’s new so you can go directly to the new content.

This membership is hosted by Michelle Parsley.  (Visit her "about me" page by clicking HERE.)

Michelle holds the following degrees:
Master Artist
Master Photographer
Photographic Craftsman
Certified Professional Photographer

Michelle's #1 love is painting. She is an accomplished artist in both in Williamsburg Oil Paints (which she often refers to as "the organic medium") as well as digital oil painting utilizing Photoshop CC.  

Michelle is a renowned educator with students worldwide. Her studio is located in the beautiful hills of Tennessee.

Beyond the Brushes is more than just a class!

Most online classes are just a one way street...

You buy. You watch. The end.

Not with Beyond the Brushes.

In our thriving membership, learning to paint in Photoshop is accomplished in a close-knit community. It's more than rules, it's more than tools, it's more than technique... It is SO much more than that.

It's eye opening, "ah-ha" moments that spark the fire to learn!

You're not alone anymore...

While the video classes are the foundation of Beyond the Brushes, I am most excited to share the private, online community!

Creative people need to be with other creative people in a creative space! Let me tell y’all — with all the negativity, ads, and suchlike — Facebook ain’t it!

When you join Beyond the Brushes, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to join the privately hosted, online community.  It’s a great place where you can find like minded friends, get tips and tricks from myself and others, register for live classes, enter contests, get critique, share works in progress... the list goes on and on! 


We're Mobile!

The Beyond the Brushes Community has a *MOBILE APP* with push notifications to help you stay connected when you’re on the go! πŸ™Œ

It’s like Facebook — only better!

The #1 Question Regarding the Community

No, but I think you’ll regret it if you don’t!

Ask Questions, Get Assistance: To get the full benefit of the membership, you really need to be in the private community. You can comment, ask questions, and get assistance when you’re stuck most efficiently by utilizing the community.

 Feedback and Critiques: This is a privately hosted, online community that only the members of Beyond the Brushes can access.  Upload images of your paintings to share with your peers and get critique.

Quarterly Contest:  The contest is fully hosted inside the community.  If you want to play, you have to be a member!

 Live Goal Setting and Q&A Sessions: These live meetings ONLY happen in the Community.  It's a great place to get your questions answered and set new goals for the coming month.

Surprise Lives On occasion, I get a wild hair and go live spur of the moment to talk about special topics or give bonus demos.  These lives will ONLY be available in the community.

Recorded Replays: Recordings of all live events are stored within the community ONLY.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Equipment

You'll need a high speed internet connection to find the most success in Beyond the Brushes. 

All the lessons are streaming and you'll need to be able to access them via internet. 

Although many brushes, cheat sheets, etc. are downloadable, the video lessons are NOT downloadable.

A computer (Mac or PC - either is fine!) with at least 4 gigs of RAM and a high-er end graphics card.

The graphics card and RAM are typically the bottle neck areas if you begin having computer issues.

Photoshop CC 2018 or later.  No you cannot paint the same way in CS5, CS6 or versions prior to CC2018 due to an Adobe brush engine overhaul in early 2018. 

You MUST be in the most recent version of Photoshop CC. 

Click HERE to get yourself a subscription to Adobe Photoshop CC for just $10 a month.

The entire Fundamental Artisan level is designed to give you the base knowledge you'll need to understand the tools and how they're used inside Photoshop CC.  Even with virtually NO Photoshop experience, you should be able to work through each level and progress your skills.

A Wacom Tablet - the following models are compatible:

Intuos 4
Intuos 5
Intuos Pro
Some versions of the Cintiq

Ideal tablet size is medium but small is acceptable. 

Click HERE for a direct link to the proper tablet.

Yes!  You'll need a Wacom Art Pen. This is NOT the pen that ships with the Wacom tablet. 

It is not required immediately, but will become an absolute necessity very quickly as your skills progress.

Click HERE for a direct link to the proper pen.

Who is Beyond the Brushes designed for?

Hands up if you can relate...

βœ“   You need an educational schedule that fits into your busy life.

βœ“   Traveling to a multi-day workshop doesn’t fit your budget or job constraints at this time.

βœ“   You cringe at the thought of another wasted class that leaves you unable to implement the techniques on your own.

βœ“   You love painting but find yourself frustrated or feeling limited by your knowledge of Photoshop.

βœ“   You like to work at home in your PJ’s. πŸ™Œ← TWO hands up for this one πŸ˜‚

βœ“   You’re not progressing with your Photoshop painting with no clear answer as to why.

βœ“   You are looking for a supportive, like-minded community of Photoshop painters.

βœ“   You’re tired of wasting time scouring the internet for the perfect tutorial to get your skills to the “next level”.

βœ“   You like to paint at your own pace without the pressures of a live streamed or in-person workshop.

βœ“   You can't rearrange your life (or perhaps even afford) to attend a college art class.

βœ“   You have no understanding of basic art principles, but a sincere desire to learn and become a better artist.

βœ“   Your ultimate desire is to create work that you love that truly reflects your inner artist.

How do I access Beyond the Brushes once I join?

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to remember yet another website to login to.  While Beyond the Brushes is part of the Elevate Your Art online education family and is hosted on the website, in order to streamline your access to this unique program, you can simply go to:


Access is available on any device and you’ll be taken directly to the membership home page (you may be prompted to login using your credentials). From there you can access all the lessons and even the community!

Once you’ve downloaded the community mobile app to your device(s), you can simply click on the app to access the community at any time. The community is also easily accessible from a desktop computer.

It’s super simple!


Join the VIP waiting list now so you'll be one of the first to receive the enrollment application!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Billing

I do not.

Long story but suffice it to say — I’ve been burned by PayPal. 

I use Stripe - a secure, online credit card processor and accept all major credit cards directly on my website.

Absolutely!  I use industry standard credit card processing procedures via Stripe — a widely used and well known company. 

There is no minimum time you must commit to.  Cancel any time.

Most definitely, yes.  However, you will be locked in at the current rate for as long as you’re a member — no matter how much the monthly rate goes up.

You are billed each month on the date you subscribed until you cancel your subscription in your Elevate Your Art account.

Yes you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time by cancelling your subscription in your account.


  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on your Avatar in the top right of the page.
  • Select Settings from the dropdown.
  • Click Credit Card Info in the top right of the page.
  • Hit the Remove Card and Cancel All Subscriptions button.

Of course you can!  However, if you cancel you will have to wait until enrollment opens again, and you will pay the new monthly rate at the time of re-enrollment.

You can cancel your subscription from within your account, but no — you cannot get a refund. You can’t return knowledge.

You’ll receive an email with a receipt for your purchase. 

If you’re new to, you’ll receive an email with login credentials.  You can use those to login to when prompted.

If you’ve taken classes from before, just use the same login credentials as always. 

You’ll also receive an invitation to join the privately hosted community.  Once you’re logged into both the website and the community (you can even use the same login credentials if you’d like — just to keep things simple 😜) accessing both should be seamless. 


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