About Michelle...


I could write a big, long discourse here about all of my degrees and awards, but does anyone really want to read that? (If you do, you can find it on my gallery website which I've linked below).

So how about a different approach...

I've always been artistic. I grew up drawing and painting with any medium I could find. Even as an adult, I love creating art that is very childlike in imagination. Most of my pieces are straight from my heart. A couple of years back, I challenged myself to create a unique portrait of each of my children. I'd like to share them with you now because these are some of my personal favorite pieces.

"Dear John"

It is not often I create a photograph that is thought provoking. I really never set out to do that with this image, but it seems to have ended up that way. This portrait is of my oldest son. He was eighteen years old at the time it was created so he wasn't really willing to do any of the "baby stuff" I normally do. I had to really think outside the box to create an image to fit his age. In the end, I created a portrait of him that honors my two uncles' service in the Vietnam War.

"The Sentinel"

I don't typically do anything "scary" so this image was a real challenge for me. This portrait is of my second son who was sixteen years old at the time it was created. He was a HUGE "Lord of the Rings" fan, so I pulled out my old costume makeup skills. We spent about four hours creating the mask he is wearing. Yes - this image is 100% photographic! (He is composited onto the cliff - I'm not putting my baby on a cliff for a photograph!)


What little boy hasn't dreamed of slaying a dragon? My third son, fourteen at the time (and feeling a little "too big" for this theme but wanting to please his Mama ;), plays the part of the knight. This image was painted freehand in Corel Painter using only a photograph of my son for reference.

"Into the Woods"

And finally - my daughter. Still little enough to have a BIG imagination, she was all about playing the part of Little Red Riding Hood. Our crazy farm pup just added to the fun by posing under her skirt!

 So what is my purpose here? (it does seem logical to elaborate on why I've created this site after all)

My purpose is to help you discover and unlock your artistic potential.  

So sit back, grab a glass of sweet tea, and enjoy some traditional southern hospitality - all in the comfort of your own home - as I help you "elevate your art". 

Thanks for stopping by!





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