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Discover the Artistic Side of Photoshop!

Become a respected and in demand photographic artist! Join a growing group of photographers (just like you!) that have transformed their photography from ordinary to extraordinary using Adobe Photoshop! 



"No matter their skill level, I help professional photographers who want to explore the more artistic side of Photoshop to become respected and in demand photographic artists."

Michelle Parsley
M.Photog., M.Artist, Cr., CPP

Trying to use Photoshop can feel like wandering lost in the woods!

  • There are around ONE HUNDRED tools in Photoshop CC 😱
  • Straight out of camera (SOOC) photography lacks the polish of professional work
  • Lightroom cannot develop your SOOC files to their maximum potential
  • Don't be held back by your lack of Photoshop skills!
  • You are capable of so much more!

Before exploring the artistic side of Photoshop, it's important to know the fundamentals. 
By learning just 15 Photoshop tools, you can retouch your images to perfection!

All straight out of camera images are somewhat lackluster and lacking in polish. Utilizing the fundamentals of Photoshop will really make them shine! These are simple techniques that use just 15 Photoshop tools and anyone can learn them quickly. It is easy to see -- the straight out of camera image is on the left, and the final client image is on the right.  

I understand how overwhelming it can feel, but there is a shortcut to success!

  • Software shouldn't be this complicated! 
  • Strategically mastering just FIFTEEN Photoshop tools will completely transform your photography forever!
  • Avoid years of struggle
  • Fast track your way to your maximum potential
  • Create the kind of images that attract high-end clients!

Once you've learned fundamentals of Photoshop, it's time to explore the artistic side. 
Here's just one example of what's possible!

On the left is the straight out of camera image.  On the right, the final art piece, beautifully created and hand painted in Adobe Photoshop. (the scene is a dollhouse, the subject is life-size and the two photographs are composited together). This would be considered an "advanced" piece - however, the skills necessary to create this type of work are attainable!

The artistic side of Photoshop isn't as difficult as you might think!

  • Even with ZERO previous artistic experience, you can create beautiful artwork by utilizing "clone painting"
  • YES, even if you "can't draw stick people" -- you CAN paint in Photoshop
  • Learn techniques and tools that are designed for large format printing
  • Discover how "clone painting" combined with hand rendered brush strokes can satisfy even the most discerning clients
  • When you put hours into creating - make sure they count!

Now it's time for a real challenge... 
Preparing a competition image is a skill in and of itself!

Understanding highly specialized retouching skills can make or break your score in photographic competition - and yet, these skills still utilize only 15 Photoshop tools!  The first image below is straight out of camera.  The second image is a high scoring, PPA loan print (the highest honor available for an image), as well as a top ten, Grand Imaging Award winner. 

Cut the strings on the butterflies in your tummy!

The scariest two words in the world --  PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION

  • Putting your work "out there" to be judged can be downright terrifying!
  • But the truth is, once you've mastered the fundamentals of Photoshop, there is no better education available!
  • Expand your application of the 15 critical Photoshop tools
  • Skip the learning curve faced by new competitors and learn to score well from day one!
    • average of 99% of course graduates merit
    • average of 80% of graduate entries merit
    • average of 35% of graduate merits go on to loan
  • Jump to the head of the pack by Preparing for Competition

Maximize your ONLINE Learning Experience

Create a Firm Foundation

Make certain you begin with the basic courses to ensure success!

Be Extraordinary!

Advanced courses will develop your artistry to its maximum potential! 

There are so many options! Where is the best place to begin?!

How about with some free tutorials? I have several *FREE* mini-courses available.  You're welcome to take advantage of as many as you'd like!  Click the button below to see all the freebies in one place.


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Meet Anand Jayaraman...

Also known as "AJ", he has this to say about working with Michelle... You can find AJ's work online at


"Michelle is an amazing mentor, coach, and artist who will help you in this journey."
~Anand Jayaraman

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"Michelle illuminates an incredibly complex program (Photoshop) and brings to light what I never knew I didn't know! It's done in such a methodical manner that it's easy to follow. I'm constantly having "lightbulb" moments! Her classes are a must have investment for those that are looking to cut to the chase and truly LEARN the golden nuggets that are Adobe Photoshop! "

Heather Chinn
Elite Corel Painter Master, Corel Certified Painter Educator, Golden Artist Educator
PPA Master Artist, Cr., Ph., Mommy of a toddler, Research Geek



"What a pleasure it was to attend a seminar with Michelle Parsley! She is completely organized in her presentation and gives attendees real, useful, and easy to follow information.  No fluff in this one - it's the real thing.  Michelle is open, honest, well prepared, and helpful. Thanks Michelle!"

Mrs. Helen Yancy
M.Photog., M.Artist, MEI, Hon.M.Photog., Cr.,CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP



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