In this ONLINE Course You'll Learn...

  • How and when to photograph your subject to achieve the best end result
  • How to "cut out" portions of an image to use in your composite
  • Advanced compositing techniques
  • Creating directional light when there is none
  • Creating a cohesive "atmosphere" in your final image
  • Advanced atmospheric techniques

**BONUS** Private student Facebook Group for Q&A and homework feedback

Please Note:  There is NO Corel Painter (or any painting of any kind) in this course.  The end result is achieved using Photoshop tools and one inexpensive plugin.

This is a four week, ONLINE course with homework assignments to help with acquisition of the techniques into your workflow.

What story do you want to tell?

The ability to create composites has totally opened a new world of image creation and storytelling. In this video, you'll see the simple components of some composites featured on this page.


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Self-Directed Course



  • Suggested lesson for each week
  • Work at your own pace
  • No deadlines
  • Homework is suggested, but not required
  • Homework review via private Facebook Group
  • Includes access to The Storybook Look course for as long as exists!
There is the option to purchase one-on-one homework review inside the course should you decide you need it.  

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