Learn to create complex masks of your furry subjects

Create Impressively Complex Masks in as Little as THREE MINUTES!


Grab a single course or go for the masking bundle for the biggest savings!

"I just finished Michelle Parsley's Masking Fur Tutorial. Best money I've spent... 90% of my work is dogs. I finally get it now - how to get all of the background color out of the dogs fur! So easy, and so quick. Thanks Michelle!"

Laura A.

Replace Backgrounds to SAVE MONEY!

If you're buying dozens of studio backgrounds - STOP RIGHT NOW! I'll show you how to take a few simple backgrounds and turn them into an unlimited number of possibilities!

I've tried masking -- IT NEVER WORKS!

Trying to mask and things just aren't working?  That's why you need more than one method in your tool bag!  Different methods work for different images!

Which images mask best?

A little pre-planning can go a long way!  We'll talk about what works and what doesn't!

Are there different kinds of masks?

In short - YES!  And we will discuss each type and what they do.


Don't have any digital backgrounds to work with? No problem! Let me get you started with a couple of digital backgrounds from my personal collection.

Simple techniques that almost anyone can be successful with!

While two of the techniques I'll be teaching you are native to Photoshop CC 2018, there is also a simple plugin that can be used (additional purchase if desired) to get a very similar result. I have referred to this plugin as "my secret weapon" for YEARS! It's simple and it JUST WORKS! And I'll even give you a 15% off coupon code for it!


Thanks to the generosity of Heather the Painter, I am also going to include this digital download from her BRAND NEW traditional remixed digital background set! You can only get it for free here folks! (and you'll for sure want to check out her new backgrounds -- they're GORGEOUS!)

"I normally spend a stupid amount of time editing fine hairs for portrait edits. So much so, that I find it easier to just paint them when appropriate. But Michelle Parsley just taught me some simple tricks in Adobe Photoshop on how to accurately mask complex hair without losing sanity. QUICK! With no free handing hair! Her tutorial is PHENOMENAL! You have to check it out!"

Heather the Painter

"Just finished watching all the videos. Game changing workflow! Thank you for making this available. You make it so easy!"

Yedi K.

"All I have to say is if you want to understand masking you NEED this tutorial. Even if you've taken Michelle Parsley's other classes you still NEED this tutorial. It's beyond AMAZING!!! I was SHOCKED at how much I didn't know and I've used Photoshop since the very first version. I'm in hog heaven with all my goodies today!"

Tara R.

"Oh my lands! I just finished watching it. I love it! Thank you so much. This is exactly what I’ve been needing. It will make my editing life so much simpler."

Janice L.

"Thank you for creating such a detailed and easy to follow course. I’ve struggled with masking furry pets and now I’m excited to be able to produce composites and alternate backgrounds for my clients!"

Amy M.

Replace a sky with NO MASKING?!

Say what?! How can that be? Well let me tell you - it IS possible to replace a sky without using overlay or multiply modes (which often can look unrealistic) and with NO MASKING. I'll show you just how to do this -- even "masking" the holes in the trees without actually masking!

Masking Fur... Every Fur-tographer's NIGHTMARE!

See what I did there? "fur-tographer" lol! In all seriousness.. Do you find yourself hand masking your furry subjects more often than you'd like to admit?
Let's change that TODAY!

With a little foreknowledge of the capabilities of masking, and a bit of planning for your images, you should be able to mask your furry friends in under three minutes!  Don't believe me?  I'll do just that, real time, inside the course!

This course utilizes Photoshop CC 2018

Never be Intimidated by Fur again!

Masking fur can of course be a challenge, but with this course, it doesn't have to be intimidating anymore.  A few simple steps and you're on your way to fur masking success!


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