Photoshop Clone Painting:

Painting Fur

Master Michelle's easy approach to hand painting your four legged friends in Adobe Photoshop CC.


I need to watch my budget.
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What's included in the fur painting complete collection?

By purchasing the bundle, you'll get instant access to EVERY fur painting thing I've created!


12 Worksheets with full video tutorials to master control of the mixer brush!

"Wow, Session 1 on Mixer Brush Basics - this is what I have been missing - basic painter techniques! I have barely begun and already learned so much about brush techniques. This is truly more than a course on painting dogs, it starts you off with learning the basics of how a painter uses their brushes!"

Anne Money

ALL of My Custom Fur Brushes Are Included!

TWENTY-FIVE gorgeous brushes methodically designed for painting different types of fur. Twenty-two began as oil paint on canvas giving them unique characteristics not typically found in digital brushes!

Set #1
Introduction to Fur:  Fido and Felines

This set of brushes are designed to get you up to speed and painting short fur critters quickly and efficiently.  Everything you need to hand paint an image -- including the background!

Set #2:
Medium Fur

Set #3:
Long Fur

Set #4:
Scruffy Fur

Set #5:

Set #6:
Doodle Magic

Set #7:
Super Fluffer

Set #8:

Interactive Color Wheel

You’ll get my revolutionary new interactive color wheel which makes finding color harmony with your subject a snap! Press play to see a short demonstration →→

Full demonstration of multiple types of color harmonies and instructions for use included in the course.


"I just finished the Color lessons. Wow! I am blown away by the interactive color wheel. I had studied a little about color theory in the past, but these lessons and the color wheel really brought it all home to me. The interactive wheel will make it so much easier to paint my backgrounds."

Janice Lukenbill

"Michelle Parsley has out done herself - Seriously! If you want to learn to paint ANYTHING especially Fur in Photoshop you NEED this. I've taken a lot of her classes and I have to say -- THIS one is the best YET! :) Her brushes alone are worth the cost of the class and then you have her teaching on top of it... WOW!"

Tara Richardson

You'll get instant access to all EIGHT full length fur painting tutorials.

That's over TWELVE HOURS of instruction!

I paint EVERY image you see in the avatars for the eight courses.  In the first few paintings, I show every step at normal speed and explain as I go.  To streamline your education process, in the remaining videos, I time lapse the repetitive bits (selecting color harmony, painting backgrounds, finish work, etc.) so you don't have to sit through a three to four hour painting for each image. However, you'll be able to watch my entire process, get demos, and hear me explain why I do the things I do on every single painting! 

Yes, even with playing the repetitive bits at high speed, it is STILL over twelve hours of detailed instruction!

"This fur painting course is rockin my world! it has an unbelievable amount of information and thought put into it. I have never taken painting classes and am so grateful for the in-depth information. I could be farther along but am taking Michelle's advice to practice, practice, practice to really get the brushes down. The brushes alone are worth the price. And the color wheel...Wow! Blown away πŸ™‚! "

Shelly Ellis

Said in my best gameshow host voice...

But wait - there's more!

When you purchase the bundle, you'll get these amazing bonus mini-courses -- and they also include my "Magic Stain Remover" action and tutorial (which will show you how I remove mouth stains in THIRTY SECONDS), and my fur fixer brush (plus tutorial)!

You'll also get this GORGEOUS background!

Thanks to the generosity of Heather the Painter, you'll get this amazing background from her BRAND NEW Curated Collection! This gorgeous hand painted digital background will start you off painting your images just right! 

Click the background to see more of Heather's Curated Background Collection.

** You should buy them ALL!  they're amazing and have totally redefined MY work! Just sayin'! **

** These bonus items are ONLY available in the complete collection so don't miss your chance to grab these amazing extras! **


If you've heard the rumors,
they're true.

I am not a pet photographer. 😱

While I'm not a pet photographer, I AM an artist. Painting is my forte! This course was created with direct input from some of the top pet photographers in the United States. The images you'll see me paint in the course were donated by incredibly talented professional pet photographers explicitly for the purpose of teaching this course.  Without their generosity, I could never have created such a comprehensive course! However, because they are not mine to give, the images are not included with the course.  This shouldn't be an issue though.  Fur is fur.  Applying the techniques to your own work is actually ideal.  If you don't have enough images to work with in your own portfolio, you can download all kinds of fur images for FREE from I'm also happy to invite you to my private Facebook group where I'm happy to answer questions and give feedback.  You'll receive an invitation to this group via email after purchase.  I just know you'll be creating masterpieces of your own in no time!

"Literally everything that Michelle does is top notch. I’ve gotten a sneak peek at this course and if you want to learn painting in Photoshop this is where you do it!! "

Nicole Begley
owner, Hair of the Dog

Photoshop Clone Painting: Complete Fur Collection


I need to watch my budget.
Take me to the intro course.

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