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Who Says You Shouldn't?

Portrait of girl
"Every canvas is a journey all its own." - Helen Frankenthaler
I've painted and repainted this subject. Different accents, different backgrounds, different brushstrokes.
Why would I spend my time doing that? For the exact same reason that I've harped on painting in series this summer.
Now, I'll admit the series for this subject was not something that happened directly back to back. Instead, it was drawn out over a couple of years as I learned, explored, rethought, and my mind came back to this painting.
There is nothing that says you only have one shot to paint a subject right. If the artists featured in history books and museums painted a subject numerous times, what makes you think you shouldn't?
Sometimes, painting a subject again takes swallowing either your dread or your pride, but after the first time, it gets easier and easier. And the growth makes it worth every swallow.
Hand-painted in Adobe Photoshop CC using a Wacom Intuos Pro and the Wacom Art Pen.
This is the original capture.
Rendition 1 was completed during a LIVE demo in 2020.
Rendition 2 was also completed in 2020 to show LIVE audience members the difference between the typical painting produced versus what I create.
Rendition 3 was created in 2022 after some rethought and reflection on the painting.
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