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What's Your Future Worth?

How much time do you spend on your aspirations in life? Do you give yourself hours? What about even a few minutes?
With all of the hustle and bustle in life, it is easy to believe that you're too busy to dedicate time to your aspirations. It can feel like you are treading water and just barely keeping your head above the surface.
However, if you shed the weight of responsibility for just 15 minutes each day, did you know you can make pretty significant strides toward the skill you'd like to achieve?
Sounds like a gimmick, right? Well, observation has shown otherwise.
Did you know talented athletes, public speakers, chess players, videogame players, and artists all have something in common?
They watch films! And I'm not talking about replays of their performances. I'm talking about replays of others' performances.
From reruns of historic moments to talented individuals, they watch with such a high level of concentration that it consumes them for the moment. And in that moment, they feel themselves in the person's shoes, they recreate the decision-making pattern in moves, words, and other selections. They don't have to be on the court or field, say a word, move the piece, have the controller, or create a brushstroke. THEY CAN FEEL IT!
That highly concentrated and immersive watching experience builds a mental map. They are learning from those who came before them and observing the proven successful methods.
You can take someone not adept at a skill, and in just minutes to an hour, train them by sight with significant improvements. Isn't that crazy!?
There is a reason Beyond the Brushes is set up the way that it is. You're observing and applying repeatedly in the lessons. That's how people who "can't draw stick people" learn to paint. That's how people who view the world through a camera lens are able to change their perspective and reasoning in creating their final piece.
So, the question is: will you give your future 15 minutes?
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