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What Makes an Artist

“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.” -Charles Horton Cooley
Do you know what makes you an artist?
Application - You apply yourself on a consistent basis.
Resolve - You chose and hold steadfast to your decision to try and to prevail.
Time - You invest your time into practice and progress.
Interest - You have a deep-seated interest in the methods and mediums to produce works of art.
Spirit - You possess a spirit of creativity and a sense of adventure for and in your work.
Tenacity - You don't limit your ambitions to simple accomplishments but are determined to keep learning and creating more.
That, my friend, is what makes you an artist. Sometimes we just need the reminder.
Hand-painted in Adobe Photoshop CC using the Wacom Intuos Pro and the Wacom Art Pen.
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