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The Ignition Moment

"We are often taught that talent begins with genetic gifts—that the talented are able to effortlessly perform feats the rest of us can only dream about. This is false. Talent begins with brief, powerful encounters that spark motivation by linking your identity to a high-performing person or group. This is called ignition, and it consists of a tiny, world-shifting through lighting up your unconscious mind: I could be them." - Daniel Coyle
What was your ignition moment? Or rather, who caused it?
We learn about the world around us through either direct or indirect learning. Think of direct as formal instruction, whereas indirect is observation. Indirect learning is like a self-guided tour through the world where we pick up on the little details of our society and culture. It tends to create a more full and concrete understanding because we understand it through our own lens.
It is through intention indirect learning that we can start carving out the path to our future. You have to ask yourself, "Who do I want to become?"
Now, with that information, surround yourself with people, pictures, videos, and anything else you can find to always have who you want to become within view or at least earshot.
Becoming an artist takes conscious and subconscious effort to overcome the challenges you will face. The more you connect with supportive artists, the more you view artwork, and the more you visually auditorially consume art, the closer you are to mentally accepting the thought — I can be them.
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