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The Artist "Date"

A date? 
With my inner-artist? 
Your inner-artist is like a child — it needs nurturing, pampering, to be listened to, and appreciated. 
But above all other things — more than brushes, canvas, paints, software, etc. — the thing your inner-artist needs most is TIME.
A weekly date with your inner-artist is one of the most productive things you can do for yourself. 
It may feel wickedly indulgent at first, but it’s a time commitment that needs to be sacred. 
A word of caution…
Once you’ve committed yourself to a weekly date, I encourage you to step back and watch yourself make every excuse under the sun to wiggle out your commitment to yourself.  Many of us (especially women) unconsciously squander our own creative energies on others. 
If you're mindful, you'll see how you allow this time to be encroached upon and prevent it from happening. 
Your inner-artist is important and deserves weekly attention! 
Don’t allow the needs of others to detour your creative journey. Once you become aware of the erosions of the TIME you gift to your artistic voice, you can guard against any invasion.
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