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Slow and Steady

When you want to develop hard skills, slow and steady wins the race! Remember, hard skills are about the ABCs of learning — always being consistent. They are skills that require repeatable precision, which means you'll need to run that same race over, and over, and over again.
This is something I think just about every human despises, especially if you're eager to learn, making you a bit more impatient to learn. But the thing with hard skills is, you are literally wiring your brain to do it correctly. So, each step needs to be broken down into the smallest parts and repeated so that you set a strong (and correct) foundation for growth.
The issue if you do it wrong over and over? Well, your brain is making that connection, that habit if you will, and we all know how hard it is to break habits. Your brain will get stuck in that rut and keep trying to do it that way, so train your brain the right way the first time!
Slow and steady, paying attention to mistakes you'll need to fix.
It will seem boring, and you'll get impatient. But the "boring" part is actually the most crucial and will save you TONS of time down the road. It's an investment worth making.
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