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Sketching with Terpenoids

Ever had a technique that you really wanted but couldn't quite figure out how to do?
For me, that would be the look of turpentine thinned oil paint on canvas. I had been fighting this challenge for about five YEARS!
You've heard the old saying, "Two heads are better than one," right?
Well, it's true! These fantastic brushes were built on my weekend getaway to NC with Heather the Painter (heatherthepainter.com) last year.
Pictured from left to right -- me 😜, Heather's 4-year-old daughter, and the one and only Corel Painter Master Elite GENIUS, Heather the Painter. In the background, you can see our peaceful retreat for the weekend. With a location like this, magic was just bound to happen!
One of the bigger parts of getting the oil on canvas look just right when painting in Photoshop CC is the underpainting. We never really had very realistic underpainting brushes, so Heather and I spent a LOT of our time together trying to perfect what we call "turps" (short for turpentine, which is what you use to thin the paint for the underpainting sketch stage).
This video is a "look over my shoulder" when I put the brushes through their first official test run. The way these brushes behave is very, VERY close to the real thing! Spending our weekend elbow deep in paint creating brushes that we've always wanted but never really been able to figure out was just the creative retreat we needed to feel energized and ready to tackle our next big painting challenge!
These new Adobe Photoshop painting brushes are EXCLUSIVE to Beyond the Brushes members.
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