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There is a place called the sweet spot, and it lies beyond your comfort zone and just shy of your desperation point. But in order to find it, we need to know what it actually is and what it is not.
Let's start with what it's not!
⛔ A place where everything is easy and effortless
⛔ A place of stagnation and creative lull
Now, it is also not the far end of the spectrum either. Remember, it's the sweet spot! So that means it also is not:
⛔ A place of confusion and desperation
⛔ A place with a high chance of failure
⛔ A place relying on luck and guessing
So what does that mean the sweet spot actually is?
✅ A place where you are reaching, striving, and struggling
✅ A place where you are engaged and aware of mistakes
✅ A place of frustration and determination
✅ A place where failure can happen but success has a greater chance
Now, how do we find it?
One of the best ways is to know your comfort zone so well that you just reach a little bit beyond it. Now, this may take some creativity, but notice one key difference between the sweet spot and your comfort zone — mistakes!
Mistakes could be made in the comfort zone, but normally, it's an area we have become acclimated to. But in the sweet spot, mistakes aren't just made, they are noticed! When you make a mistake, stop, recognize it, and correct it from there. You are training your brain to do it the right way rather than being okay with mistakes here and there.
Search for your sweet spot!
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