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Rufus Will Burn You

Rufus is the snooty, know-it-all, art critic that lives inside the mind of every artist.
Summer can be a wonderful, marvelous, fantastic time, but it is also the time when a lot of seasonal to-dos pile up.
Rufus knows this, and he exploits every single task on your list. His goal?
The dreaded burnout!
The fatigue, lack of motivation, and negativity can be absolutely exhausting...not to mention the other physical ailments that come with it, like headaches.
This is the state that Rufus wants you to be in! When you're burnout in work or life, it means that you have inclinations that what you're doing is meaningless. It means you can be irritable and run people off who try to build you up. It means you can't get past the negativity, and his voice grows louder, and louder, and louder.
Well, I'm here to tell you...burnout is a t-shirt almost all of us will wear at some point in our lives and art careers, but that doesn't mean you can't change shirts!
What Rufus doesn't want you to know is that there are ways to break through burnout, and I'm going to tell you how.
1) Set a Balanced Schedule: You might think having a routine will get you stuck in a rut, but that's just another lie from Rufus. Routines actually train our minds and bodies for each section of the day. The issue comes into play when you don't set a balanced routine. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", right? Set time for work, time for home, time for play, and time for sleep!!! When we don't feel like we have enough time, guess where we usually cut? Play and sleep! You're setting yourself up for burnout and playing right into Rufus's hands.
2) Delegate: Did you know you don't have to do everything? 😲 One of the most freeing questions ever asked. 🙌 Yes, delegate tasks. Now, at work, there are some things only you can do, but if someone else is capable, let them do it! Trusting people not only takes items off your to-do list but also builds their self-confidence and your relationship with them! Win-win-win! And when it comes to the home to-do list, no one person should be doing every chore....divvy that up! Then, you can enjoy playing and sleeping together. 🥰
3) Disconnect and Connet: Technology can be a blessing and a curse. Take time to disconnect from devices and be around other humans! Even if you are an introvert, we crave some level of real human interaction as social beings. That means 1) set the phone down, 2) turn off the computer, 3) leave the tablet behind, and 4) go be with others. It can be the people you live with or going for an outing with family/friends. Not only does it further develop your relationships, but it also gives your brain a break to think differently for a while!
So next time Rufus comes knocking at your door ready to burn you, stay calm, and extinguish his flame. 💨 🔥
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