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Rufus Wants You to Take a Break

Learning to paint in Photoshop can be completely addictive. Rufus knows this. So when summer hits and the desire to paint wanes in favor of summertime activities, Rufus is set to pounce! He has been waiting for this moment all winter long!
“You don’t need to paint. Go outside and play!” Rufus will say, and you listen because you want to go outside and play.
In this instance, Rufus is both right and wrong! Yes, you should go outside to play but not at the expense of your skills degrading. In a lot of ways, painting is a habit. When you wake up one day and realize it’s been 6 weeks since you touched your Wacom pen, it’s really hard to pick it up again.
The more you beat yourself up about not painting for so long, the more Rufus supplies you with excuses...
“You’ve been gone so long now, it ’s gonna be hard to start again.”
“It’s not just because it’s summer. It’s because you’re not cut out for Photoshop painting.”
“You’ve forgotten X, Y, and Z skills. You’re gonna have to relearn all of them.”
“Nobody checked on you. Nobody missed you. This means you’re not a good artist.”
(BIGGEST LIE EVER — we don’t check on people because being a little less present in the summer is normal.)
This is a self-defeating cycle that will only become harder and harder to break. Rufus knows this, so he keeps supplying excuse after excuse. So, what’s the answer?
Paint something!
It doesn’t matter if it’s the worst painting in the history of the universe — just PAINT!
The act of painting will help you break the cycle that Rufus has so wickedly trapped you in.
Never forget — Rufus will use any little blip in your routine to convince you that you should quit... including summer!
NEVER let Rufus win!
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