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Rufus Wants You to Have a Drought

Rufus is the snooty, know-it-all, art critic that lives inside the mind of every artist.
Rufus LOVES when we have creative droughts. If he had his way, he would keep us trapped there for the rest of our years because he knows that, if he can keep us there, slowly but surely, we will start to dry up. We will get rusty, and it will become harder and harder to go back.
The silver lining?
Well, it's hard to see it, especially after time and time again just finding a mirage of what you were hoping to accomplish.
But when you stumble upon water, or better yet, when it begins to rain, notice how the feeling begins to rejuvenate your soul.
That's the downside to extreme droughts for Rufus. Whenever you finally get a taste of that creative water, you're guzzling it before he knows it. The cracks in your thoughts begin to soften and mend. The rust starts to not seem so bad to knock off.
Even if you get hit with a hurricane of creativity that seems overwhelming, you still finish with a sense of refreshment and renewal. It's one of those instances where when it's good, it's good. And when it's bad, it's still pretty good because what matters is that it happened.
So when you're in an extreme drought, just know that all it takes is one drop of creativity to start renewing and revitalizing your painting.
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