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Rufus Wants You Isolated

Rufus is the snooty, know it all, art critic that lives inside the mind of every artist.
Rufus wants you to feel alone, undesired, and completely isolated. He wants you to the point where every time you're in a room full of people you feel alone.
Why is that important?
Well, a candle off on its own is much easier to blow out. When it has others surrounding and supporting it, there is still the potential that it will get blown out, but whenever it does, those around it can light it back up.
So, how does Rufus single us out and get us all off on our own?
By pitting us against OURSELVES!
Rufus has a way of roaming through our minds and picking out the things we struggle with the most about our artwork and
ourselves in general. He plays by a scorched-earth policy and is prepared to burn to the ground anything you might find useful by starting with your weaknesses for kindling.
You see, research has shown that for every bad thing said or done, we generally need about 3 good things to make up for them. That can be a steep ratio, and once we start down the path of negativity, we start helping Rufus snuff out our light.
In some cases, we can reach the point of depression, where we no longer feel good enough to be part of the community. We stop painting, we stop participating, and we stop protecting ourselves from Rufus's lies. And this is where you have to have the strength to do the opposite of what you feel like doing.
When you feel like withdrawing, be present.
When you feel like stopping, keep going.
When you feel like being negative, find something positive.
This is something that is definitely easier said than done. It is going to be difficult, but that's the way Rufus wants it.
You, my friend, are strong enough to begin the process of working back towards a community that supports you. You are good enough to keep creating artwork that brings happiness to your and your client's hearts. You are creative enough to find hope in even the darkest of places.
Don't let Rufus snuff out your light. Find the people in your life who will reignite your flame.
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