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Rufus Tries to Suspend Your Creative License

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill
From children's art, we see that every person is born with an inherent license to create. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood Rufus convinces most people that only those with "talent" can really create art.
Rufus is a liar. 😡
Even those people who loudly proclaim, "I can't draw stick people," hunger for the ability to create. Sadly, doubt, fear, and excuses always seem to take the forefront.
That's Rufus -- IGNORE HIM!
A person's license to create is irrevocable. It exists in every corner of daily life.
When one finally musters the courage to try, there is an almost universal, "I didn't know I could do this! I never realized I had the talent!"
To say you need "talent" to create art is a favorite tactic used by Rufus. Talent is nothing more than a pursued interest. With practice, you can do anything.
Never fall victim to Rufus's lies!
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