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Rufus Takes Your Vacation

Rufus is the snooty, know-it-all, art critic that lives inside the mind of every artist.
When the weather starts warming up and the vibrant colors of spring and summer come through, there is a certain energy that comes with them. It's like everything is waking back up from a dormant state. Creativity juice is filled to the brim, and there is a buzz of optimism in the studio.
You'd think Rufus would be scared, right?
WRONG! โ›” The conditions are different, but the tactics are quite the same.
Rufus will continue to occupy your mind, except now it is with work. He lets your newfound energy do his legwork and encourages it to go a step further. There will be an overload of projects and ideas racing in your mind with too few hours in the day to even start processing them all.
Rufus will lean over your shoulder to whisper how you have to do them, how you need to do them. But what's all that encouragement setting you up for?
Well, Rufus knows when things warm up is also when many people like to take breaks with family and friends, to get out and go on adventures. But now, he's occupied your mind and filled it with ideas. He will incessantly remind you over and over about them so that you can't get a true break. Once you are drowning in ideas and projects, he pulls the ole switcheroo and starts to make you feel guilty about not being mentally present during your time with others. He will go back and forth between these two until he has beaten you down into what most of us not so fondly know as "burnout."
You know his tactic! Tell Rufus to TAKE A HIKE! ๐Ÿšถ‍โ™‚๏ธ
You deserve healthy amounts of energy, passion for creativity, productivity, time outside of the studio, and quality time with those you love. ๐Ÿงก
Don't let Rufus take your vacation. Take it for yourself!
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