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Rufus Makes You Feel Like a Fool

Rufus is the snooty, know-it-all, art critic that lives inside the mind of every artist.
Rufus LOVES to make you feel like you are not capable. He will play his tricks at every stage of the painting process.
Learning something new? "You're struggling. You must not be capable of mastering this."
While working on a painting? "This is an ugly stage beyond your ability to fix. Time to trash it."
After finishing a painting? "You worked all that time for these results? Oof. Better luck next time."
Except with Rufus, the next time is always the same. As long as his tricks work, he will keep playing the same cards over and over and over again. 🃏
I cannot tell you the countless number of paintings I trashed because I felt like they weren't "good enough." But who am I even trying to make them good enough for?
Myself? The imaginary viewers in my head? Competition judges? Rufus? 🤔
Well, let me solve that mystery for you. You think you're doing it for everyone else because Rufus is twisting the story. He doesn't want you to realize that you're trying to make it good enough for him and his unsatisfiable standards. 😤
So before you give up, before you trash that painting, before you hide it in your closet...GET A SECOND OPINION!
Rufus wants all of the critique to be left up to you and to him so that you can never succeed.
He wants all of your endeavors to feel like a wash.
Do you know why? Because Rufus wants you to feel like a fool for trying.
⛔ Don't give him the satisfaction.
A journey, especially an artistic one, is not successful when traveled alone. 💞
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