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Rufus Keeps You Running

Rufus is the snooty, know-it-all, art critic that lives inside the mind of every artist.
Have you ever felt like you just can't catch your breath? That there is always something going on?
It's been said, "when it rains, it pours." And boy howdy, does that seem like the truth sometimes, especially this time of the year!
Rufus LOVES when it starts to get close to the holiday season. He easily uses it to his advantage and keeps you running from one task to the next. Whether it's family, work, personal, or whatever else you have going on, Rufus tries to make sure you don't feel like you can catch your breath.
The reason?
Well, the plan can really go in different directions, but the ultimate goal is for you to feel exhausted and GUILTY!
Oh yes, feeling exhausted from all of the running around wasn't enough to knock a determined artist off track. So, what better way than to mess up your work-life balance to the point that you feel guilty about it?
He will keep whispering in your ear,
"You're doing too much work and putting your family on the back burner. What a horrible [insert family relationship here] you are!"
Then, when you overcorrect to make up for it, that's when he starts in on,
"You're falling behind on your work! You have too much to get done to be spending time with family. Are you really going to waste 2 months and get nowhere? WOW! Some 'professional' you are!"
See the issue? He will turn every second you spend at one place into an emergency for the other side. It is like you are a ping pong ball better paddled back and forth constantly.
And the real kicker? If you let him take over, he will make it where you don't really accomplish anything for either side.
So, how do you fight this? First of all, tell Rufus to take a hike!
If you have pressing things to take care of for work (e.g. commissions with deadlines), get them done so you can focus on time with your family. There is nothing wrong with taking a break, and being able to spend it with those you love will help to rejuvenate you and get you ready to make even more progress after the season is over. Remember, it only comes around once a year.
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