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Rufus is a Bully!

Rufus is the snooty, know it all, art critic that lives inside the mind of every artist.
Rufus is standing between you and your future self as a successful Photoshop Artisan. 
He is an enemy of your success. 
When you hear Rufus whispering in your ear, take a moment and write down the insults he spews. 
He is a monster and I'm sure what he says won’t be very nice. 
But, friend, there is power in calling out a bully. 
Once you isolate his mean little voice, you begin to steal his power.
If you turn each insult into a positive affirmation, Rufus’s voice will become quieter and quieter. 
“Your brushwork sucks!” becomes “Your brushwork is improving every day because you are diligently practicing.”
It is always necessary to acknowledge what Rufus says.
Sometimes it may even be painful. 
By acknowledging Rufus and calling him out as the lying jerk he is, you prevent his smear campaign against you from becoming creative scar tissue that will block your growth as a Photoshop Artisan.
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