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Rufus Hits Where It Hurts

Rufus is the snooty, know-it-all, art critic that lives inside the mind of every artist.
With fall upon us, your mind is likely spinning with creativity (inclement weather has that effect on me!). I am ready for some serious artistic experimentation!
Rufus knows this, and being a rotten little trickster, he is ready to pounce! He is sly in his tactics, playing us against ourselves to start a battle of wills. He knows just when inspiration has struck and works his subterfuge to dupe us into giving up before we even get started.
His favorite tactic on me? He tries to convince me that I should skip the experimental piece I have in my head for the sake of something else. He works his ruse masterfully to convince me this other thing is more important.
Rufus is no dummy. This season, he’s throwing the budget and supply chain at me. If you look up “frugal” in the dictionary, you might just find my picture. I really dislike wasting things. I also don’t like to run out of precious things — art supplies fall under that heading for me. Art supplies rank right up there with breathing and dinner in my life.
“You can’t waste those art materials on an experiment! Have you noticed the inflation?!”
“If you waste that now, you may not be able to get anymore. Supply chain issues you know?”
Those are especially dirty tricks, Rufus.
He’s hitting me where it hurts!
The reality is, experimenting and “wasting” art materials are what makes good artists great. One does not wake up one day having miraculously arrived at artistic greatness. It takes a good bit of experimentation and “waste” of materials along the way to get there!
I’m pretty sure even the words “waste” and “wasting” are straight from Rufus. Even if the art materials end up in the trash, you’ve learned a thing or two and learning is never a waste!
Luckily for most of us with Photoshop painting, the only thing we’re “wasting” is time. But don’t let Rufus use that form of “waste” against you either!
I’ve called out Rufus’s tactic on me for this fall. In doing so, I’ve taken his power.
Is he using the same tactic on you, or is it something different?
Find him.
Call him out!
When you do, you’ll find all his tricks hollow.
Now, let’s get back to the business of creating art!
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