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Rufus Diminishes Your Desire

Rufus is a Liar
We are focusing on getting our minds right this month in Beyond the Brushes, but Rufus is a sneaky liar, especially this time of year for me.
Sunshine and warmer weather are enticing to go out and stay out. The issues with that?
1) I'm not getting my inside work done.
2) I'm not painting.
3) I'm usually bone tired by the time I come in for the evening.
And so the vicious cycle of the day continues into the evening, except my bed is what is calling me. All the while, Rufus is whispering to you, "Breaks are good. This is for your mental health and physical well-being."
While yes, those are true. Rufus has perverted the meaning of a break and turned it into an all day, all week, all month installment of the habit of diminishing returns.
How so? Because the longer you go, the more of a mountain it seems like to start back. You've already filled that time you used to set aside with the normal day-to-day tasks in life, and I know how those can multiply and grow exponentially. The worst part? Rufus knows too, and he is banking on exactly that happening until he diminishes your desire past the point of return.
If Rufus is playing this trick on you, acknowledge it, stop it, and make the time! It can be less time when it is pretty out and grow to more when the weather confines you inside. The real point is being consistent in having some time set aside daily, even if it is only 5 minutes.
Tell Rufus to step off and get back to doing what you love!
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