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Rufus Dampens Your Drive

Rufus is the snooty, know-it-all, art critic that lives inside the mind of every artist.
Rufus is a tricky fella. He knows you need to constantly push for new skills and techniques. He knows it’s a great idea for you to set favorite tools aside. He knows exactly how to manipulate the circumstances to undermine your success.
You, as an artist, know logically that being uncomfortable with a new tool is a good thing. The uncomfortable feeling is your skills expanding. Rufus knows this too, but being the rascal that he is, he will swoop in and fill your mind with doubt.
“Your clients won’t like this. It’s too different”
“You can’t learn this new tool and deliver on time. You’re much faster with the old one.”
“This tool doesn’t suit your style.”
“Just take your favorite tool and carry on. Nobody will know.”
He’s actually right about that one… for a while anyway. I really think the idea that “nobody will know” is the one Rufus uses most often. Who is looking over your shoulder when you paint?
Who can look at your work and tell exactly what tool(s) you’ve used?
Rufus is right. That’s what makes him such a tricky rascal. He takes half-truths and espouses them as pure fact. Half a truth is still a lie! Eventually, if you listen to Rufus, if you fall into his trap of comfort, your work will suffer. You’ll become stagnant.
Does this mean it’s not ok to have a favorite brush?
Having a favorite brush is part of being an artist. I don’t know anyone who paints regularly that doesn’t have a favorite brush. Painting with a favorite brush is a joy! Favorite brushes make favorite paintings!
Just don’t listen to the lies of Rufus when he tells you a favorite brush is all you need. Silence his lies, and you’ll never have to worry about artistic stagnation again.
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