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Rufus Breaks Your Connections

Rufus is the snooty, know-it-all, art critic that lives inside the mind of every artist.
Have you ever felt inadequate? Oh boy, can that be a loaded question!
Rufus loves when you start feeling inadequate, and he even tries to help it along by twisting people's words. His favorite tactic is to take innocent comments that based on the context of your life at that moment can mean something completely different than the speaker intended.
You will know Rufus is involved if you keep thinking about the comment and grow more and more frustrated, upset, or even depressed over it. He repeats it in your mind again and again with his own pre-prepared phrases, and if it is someone you know and care about, he knows how to hit where it hurts...
"They don't think you're good enough."
"They don't think you're capable."
"They don't expect much more from you."
Yes, this degrades your sense of self and greatly increases your feelings of inadequacy, but do you know Rufus's main goal with those comments?
What you can't see is that he is slowly chipping away at your relationship with that person - Rufus wants to break your connection to leave you alone and helpless to his schemes.
So, when you start thinking too much into a comment, STOP! 🛑 Take a minute and think about the person's circumstances in their life. Would they usually have malintent for you and your life?
If there is an explanation and the answer is no, you already know Rufus is the one at work, and you can stop him dead in his tracks.
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