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One of the greatest causes of burnout among artists is impatience. It's not that the artist is intrinsically impatient. It's that the artist has ideas in his or her head of where he or she should be by that point in the journey.
Remember the "How do you eat an elephant?" Well, let's delve more into that.
We know we need to break down the information into small, digestible chunks of information, but have you broken them down small enough?
During each deliberate practice, set a goal for something to master by the end. It could be anything from knowing where to find the tools you need in Photoshop, learning to use the mixer brush, perfecting drawing the nose, or any other small chunk that will give you the next digestible bite in your journey.
It's not about the time that you are practicing it is about the intentionality of the time that you're practicing. So, you need to 1) define your target, 2) take aim, and 3) place all of your focus and effort on hitting that target in the bullseye!
While improving quickly is enticing, it is really a pipe dream. Quit trying to make yourself swallow an entire elephant, and instead take it piece by piece. Then, it's more likely to stick with you and nourish your artistic growth.
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