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Nothing Soft About It

When it comes to soft skills, there is nothing "soft" about them. In fact, they generally require more tenacity and experimentation because developing soft skills is all about pattern recognition.
This means you need to be in the situation and do the action you're wanting to become more skilled at over, and over, and over again! I know, I know, you heard this same thing with hard skills, but I promise soft skills are different.
Instead of needing to be accurate and precise in your movements, it's okay if you make mistakes doing soft skills! It is more of a trial and error process and you wire your brain to read, recognize, and react to the situation. Just like an athlete won't make it to the other end of the court or field the same way every time, you won't make it to the end of a painting the same way each time.
Rather than focusing on repeatable precision as you do with hard skills, soft skills require the repetition of the same objective under different circumstances with clear feedback. (Hence why we paint various subjects when learning a new skill in Beyond the Brushes and have personalized reviews.)
Even though Beyond the Brushes focuses on teaching hard skills, the structure of all of the courses is done with developing soft skills in mind as well. Each painting is going to be different, so the goal is to teach hard skills and facilitate soft skills through various forms of deliberate practice.
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