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“Do not fear mistakes - there are none.” -Miles David
Fear is a crippling and sometimes completely debilitating emotion. And the stuff we are scared of?
Well, it is often irrational and illogical.
Ouch...I know letting that one sink in hurts. Because we don't want to make any mistakes, be wrong on anything, or have any errors that can be pointed out.
Art, or whatever you choose to do for that matter, brings with it fear because there is an unspoken pressure to strive toward being "the best."
Ever seen "world's greatest" or "best ever" slapped at the front of a recipe?
I have. 🙋‍♀️
We have an obsession with being better, and not just better than we were the previous day. We want to be better than everyone else. And the sooner you let go of that notion, the sooner you will find peace, happiness, and fulfillment in the work you're doing regardless of profession.
There is nothing wrong with striving to be better, but being better than everyone else? That takes it to a whole other level.
For instance, how can you even compare yourself to others and earn the title of "world's greatest artist?" Style, cultural significance, and the preferences of viewers vary widely across the spectrum.
And for those that feel like they can't pick up a brush because they "can't even draw stick people," have you ever received instruction? You have a desire and a visual, internalized goal. The only thing you're missing is the right guidance. You actually already have the ability.
It is like telling yourself, "I will not allow myself to get this pet. Even though I know it will make me happy and provide me with companionship, I will be sad if gets hurt and when it dies. So, because of these potentially nonexistent and far-off events, I will not get this pet."
It sounds silly when you look at it from this viewpoint, but that is what fear does. It rationalizes our action, or lack of action, based on what it convinces us is logical.
Well, I am here to tell you:
1) Let go of being the best overall, and be the best version of yourself that you can be today.
2) Let go of your reservations, and pick up the brush.
In either circumstance, your growth is only inhibited by the limitations you are placing on yourself. Give yourself the space you need to grow, and I have a sneaky suspicion you'll be surprised just how far you actually go.
Hand-painted in Adobe Photoshop CC using the Wacom Intuos Pro and the Wacom Art Pen.
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