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Introducing Rufus...He is a Liar

His name is “Rufus”. 
Rufus is the art critic that lives inside every artist’s mind.  Rufus is a product of our “logical brain”. Rufus is all about survival and thinks in a neat, linear fashion only perceiving the world according to known circumstances. Rufus is a naysayer when it comes to artistic ability.
The brain of an artist is in almost direct opposition to Rufus.  The artist’s brain is much more childlike, impulsive, creative, with a particular panache for disregarding rules, experimenting, and combining the oddest things with surprising success.  The artist’s brain thinks in terms of pattern, value, line, color, and form without ever considering known circumstances. 
Teaching Rufus to stand aside and let the artist's brain take over is a battle — and one that every artist must fight daily.
Rufus and I are in a major fight today 😑
How do *YOU* battle Rufus?
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