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Balancing Training and Love

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” -Leonardo da Vinci
What do you do when you get a puppy? 🐶
You train it and love it, of course! 😄 Seems silly to ask this, right?
Well oddly enough, being an artist is much like getting a puppy, except now you're the owner and your inner artist is the precious pooch.
Sometimes, you'll need to keep your inner artist on a leash, and other times, you'll need to let it run free. Finding that balance between training yourself to be disciplined and not training out your ability to have fun can be a fine line.
Discipline can feel like the medicine your pup doesn't want to take but needs to get better, but remember your pup isn't always needing to improve. Sometimes, it just needs to be a puppy. That is where fun comes in.
Think back to a time when a dog (or any pet for that matter) was goofy, having a great time, and made you smile. It warms your heart. That is the emotional touch embedded into your paintings that takes them to the next level and makes you want to keep painting.
You can't have a successful career without discipline, and you can't have a meaningful career without fun. Both are important in improving and nourishing your inner artist.
Hand-painted in Adobe Photoshop CC using the Wacom Intuos Pro and the Wacom Art Pen.
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