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Afraid to Fall Means Afraid to Reach

I think it is fair to say that none of us like making mistakes, yet every single one of us makes them.
Did you know you have a choice in the type of mistake you make sometimes? 🤯
Oh yes! You can CHOOSE to make mistakes, and the ones you want to choose are the productive ones.
Productive mistakes act as stepping stones along your path toward reaching a goal. They are the failures often not discussed or remembered by the public that were made by their favorite talented individual. Whether it's an athlete, a musician, an actor, a video gamer, or an artist, funny how the one often left haunted by the embarrassment of the mistake is the individual that made it. 🤔
Mistakes and the embarrassment associated with them actually cause psychological pain. Just like building muscles, the pain is uncomfortable and undesirable, but if you want to achieve anything, you have to fail.
Sounds counterintuitive, right?
Well, failure is a part of the learning process. Each time you reach out toward your goal and fall on your face, you are rewiring your brain and your muscle memory to start learning to do the right thing, and some skills take more mistakes than others to learn.
Every major success is built on a mountain of failures. Don't let being afraid to fall mean that you're afraid to reach. Otherwise, you won't get anywhere.
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