The 4 Keys to Black & White Success!



Four Keys to Black & White Success!

Get the first two pieces of the puzzle on me!

In this FREE mini-course, I will share with you my favorite tips for pre-visualizing and capturing black and white images. These are the first two pieces of the heirloom black & white puzzle.  

In this self-study, instant access course you'll learn:

  • how to pre-visualize the values
  • why multiple bright colors don't always result in a beautiful black and white image
  • why allowing some values to "melt together" can, at times, be more impactful
  • why composition is one of the most important elements of a black & white image 
    • what to look for when composing your image
  • technical considerations
  • why intentional retouching choices can make or break a black & white image

While this course isn't a fully comprehensive guide to creating an heirloom black & white image, it is a good base for creating images with more impact!

This is a self-study, instant access course (meaning you get access today!)  You'll also get lifetime access to this course so you can review the materials any time you'd like!


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