Student Testimonials

Diane Costello

"As a PPA Master Photographer and CPP, I know the hard work and dedication it takes to get the “perfect” image. Michelle takes it to a whole different level!  Her passion and ability to pass on information, to teach and critique with kind words a wonderful sense of humor and lots of encouragement is absolutely mind-blowing! I have taken both the Preparing for Competition and the Storybook Look classes and I cannot recommend them enough!  I was simply blown away!  Thank you Michelle Parsley a.k.a.“Yoda” -- you truly are the definition of Professional!"


Linda Meyer

"In 2015 at age 61, I decided I wanted to become a professional photographer.  I didn’t have any time to waste and sought out the best quality education and instructors I could find.  I had hardly even thought about print competition, and had never entered it.  In Michelle’s Preparing for Print Competition, I found the highest caliber instruction I could have ever hoped for.  The skills I learned in that class were used to transform 2 problematic captures into merit images in my very first district competition… one of which scored a 92 in the superior category! [A third image earned a merit level score in state competition].  Michelle’s teaching, with my hard work, put me on a fast path to being a better photographer – not only achieving professional recognition, but making game-changing improvements in my client work.  Genius just begins to describe Michelle…she is passionate about her teaching, and is the best coach you could ever hope for."



Jenny Froh, M.Photog, CPP

"This class is just perfect! I was scared of dropping that kind of cash since I've already loaned 6 images and will be receiving my Master's Degree in January.  While I KNOW I don't know everything, I was nervous I wouldn't learn ENOUGH to justify the cost of the class.  I'm thrilled to say that it has MOST DEFINITELY been worth the money!  I've picked up so many new skills, I'm giddy!"



Lilliana Quintero, CPP

"I had been wanting to do something to take my editing to the next level and decided to take the "Preparing for Competition" class.  I was so inspired by the class that I decided to enter in IPC that same year even though I would have to submit my entries as late entries.   My first year, 3 out of 4 images merited.   I was blown away and this motivated me to finally take the leap and declare for the CPP candidacy.  Needless to say, I passed the exam and the portfolio review that same year.   I grew more in those six months than I had in the previous four years combined."



Colleen Udell, CPP

"Preparing for Competition has been one of the best investments I have made thus far in my photographic career.  Michelle has been a true mentor to me and has given me the knowledge to know what makes a merit print, what can break it, and what is going to help me give my clients the best possible work I can.  I can honestly say that if I had not invested my time and money with the courses that Michelle offers, I would still be searching for the elusive merit print.  This year, after 3 years of entering print competitions, I successfully received my very first merit print!  Not only did I receive 2 merits in 2016, since I have taken the class I have also won over $7500 in money from other print competitions. "


Lindsey Black, CPP

"I can’t say enough great things about Michelle and her Preparing for Print Competition class. As a first time competitor last year, I had no idea what to expect and how to prepare my images…or even which images to use! This class has been invaluable over the last 2 years…the Facebook Group is an incredible resource full of like-minded people and Michelle’s ongoing critique nights were especially helpful this year. I took the tools I learned in class and took an image with potential (and a lot of problems) and with Michelle’s guidance created a Loan print. I would have never had the skills or vision necessary to see what makes a merit and a Loan without this course. I highly recommend it to anyone new to competition or a seasoned Master! I promise you will learn and grow, no matter what stage you are in!"


Kathy Norwood, CPP

"I have really learned so much from Michelle’s class, “Preparing for Competition”. Many of items that she helped us understand have helped me be a better photographer. Now I shoot with a purpose, looking at ALL aspects of the scene, from lighting, to composition and subject matter. Learning to create portraits for competition has now become something I enjoy and I would highly recommend learning from Michelle."