Create a Painting in 10 Minutes or Less!

This technique is HUGE in my client workflow - and now made even better by Heather the Painter's BEAUTIFUL Classical Remixed Backgrounds!  No complicated Photoshop masking.  No weird blending techniques.  Just a few simple steps using affordable plugins and you can get this look in minutes!

In this tutorial I'll teach you how to go from a simple photograph...

To an ethereal, and beautifully unique photograph with just a couple of clicks.

Then I will teach you to take your image one step farther, to what appears to have taken hours, in only a few more clicks.  You can create a stunning painting in less than ten minutes!

You will need Heather's backgrounds (I have a $25 off coupon INSIDE the tutorial!), Topaz Texture Effects (If you don't own it - I have a coupon code for 15% off INSIDE the tutorial!), and Alien Skin Snap Art.  These simple tools create some of the most beautiful images in the shortest amount of time!