Off Camera Flash

Imagine this...

Your best client calls and needs a session.  The only time they can be there is NOON and they want to be photographed outside.  The location has NO SHADE.  The panic settles in...

But really, there's no need for panic.  Photographing clients with no shade IS possible and with some basic equipment, VERY easy to do!

There is ZERO annoying technobabble in this tutorial!  Just "set your shutter speed here.... meter this.... shoot".  Easy!

What you will need:

  • Camera
    • Understanding of Manual Mode
  • Wireless Flash Triggers (brand is irrelevent)
    • A sync cable is theoretically able to be used instead of triggers
  • Flash
    • Portable power source or extension cord(s) if using a strobe
  • Small Softbox
  • Handheld Meter

I give a complete list of the equipment that ::I:: use, but so long as you have the basics - light is light.  You should be able to accomplish a similar result!