The Progressive Black & White


Creating a Timeless Black & White is Like Assembling a Puzzle

Black and white photography - if done right - conveys a sense of timelessness. Poorly done black and white images will fade into time and are easily forgotten. There are three main steps in creating an heirloom black & white image...

Don't allow your images to fade into the mists of time. Learn the steps to create a timeless heirloom...


The Progressive Black & White Course

After spending many months studying the techniques of black & white masters, such as Ansel Adams, I have brought their time tested techniques to the digital age as the Progressive Black & White technique. This technique focuses on creating an heirloom black & white image.

In this self guided, instant access course you'll learn:

  • how to create a fine art black and white image that commands a higher investment from clients
  • how to apply the "push/pull" processing used by Ansel Adams to the digital age
  • how to "dodge" and "burn" in a non destructive manner to achieve the ideal tonal range and depth
    • we will NOT be using the dodge or burn tools for the majority of this work!
  • understanding the zone system
    • a foolproof method to get zone 0 and zone 10 in every image, every time!
  • how to adjust values based on color simply and efficiently
  • how to add a "film grain" look to your images using only the tools within Photoshop
    • I'm including an action just to speed your workflow!
  • How to get the wildly popular "milky look" without using a plugin
    • I'm including an action for this as well because time = money!

Bonus Lesson:

In this bonus lesson, I'll teach you how I create a super quick black & white conversion for client images that isn't quite at the "fine art" level, but still exceptional.   I want my two minute, quick conversions to look amazing - not muddy and weak like the average black & white conversion!




Bonus Mini-Course:

Instant access to my mini-course, "Four Keys to Black & White Success!

In this bonus mini-course, I will share with you my favorite tips for pre-visualizing and capturing black and white images. These are the first two pieces of the heirloom black & white puzzle.  

In this self guided, instant access course you'll learn:

  • how to pre-visualize the values
  • why multiple bright colors don't always result in a beautiful black and white image
  • why allowing some values to "melt together" can, at times, be more impactful
  • why composition is one of the most important elements of a black & white image 
    • what to look for when composing your image
  • technical considerations
  • why intentional retouching choices can make or break a black & white image

While this course isn't a fully comprehensive guide to creating an heirloom black & white image, it is a good base for creating images with more impact!




I'll also include discount codes for some of my favorite vendors including Topaz, Heather the Painter, and Alien Skin!


What you'll need...

  • A computer with at least 2 GBs of RAM, a minimum of 2 Ghz processor, and ample hard drive space 
    • Ideally, you need a scratch drive for Photoshop (not required but it will make your Photoshop use a much more pleasurable experience!)
  • Adobe Photoshop (sorry - Elements just won't do!)
  • A basic understanding of the tools in Photoshop
  • A basic understanding of using layers in Photoshop


This is a self guided, instant access course (meaning you get access today!) You'll also get lifetime access to this course so you can review the materials any time you'd like!


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