Learning to paint in Photoshop is a lot easier than you might think! Unlike other painting programs, Photoshop is very stable. Not only that - it's the program you already use and know! If you dedicate yourself to learning the basics and progressing through the Photoshop Artisan series of courses, you may surprise yourself at the artwork you can create!

Mastering the mixer will help take your artistry to the next level!

Dedicating a full course to a single tool may seem a bit overkill, but this is truly the foundation to successful painting in Photoshop.


"Coastal Sunset"

Original image courtesy Tiffany Briley

Who is this course for? How does an online, live course work?

Whether your a novice or an experienced painter looking to up your game, you'll find an immediate payoff when you master the mixer brush...


Quick Tip #1 ~


Often, artists will create "studies" to practice technique.  This is especially true of facial features.  If you're struggling with painting certain things, consider doing a study of it -- painting it several times from different camera angles and using different subjects.  This will increase your skill level in an efficient manner.

Course Outline...

Day 1

  • Loading Tool Presets
  • Importing the Clone Painting Action
  • Resizing Brushes
  • Using the Mixer Brush as a Painter, Blender, or Cloner
  • Understanding How Wet, Load, Mix, and Flow Work Together
  • Pressure Sensitive Brush Sizing
  • Light Visualization Exercise

Day 2

  • Preparing a portrait for painting
  • Preparing a landscape for painting
  • Clone Painting in Photoshop
  • My Favorite (SIMPLE) Painting Method
  • Architectural Clone Painting
  • Simple Portrait Painting Basics

Once you've mastered the mixer brush you'll be adjusting on the fly and customizing the brush to you and your creative style

If you want to create high end, custom art pieces, mastering the mixer will set you on the pathway to success! Watch me adjust the mixer brush controls along the top of my screen as as I paint. The frequency of my adjustments gives me the ultimate control.


"Special Moment"

Course Bonuses:

15 Worksheets

Fifteen worksheets ensure that you practice every facet of the mixer brush.  From simple blending to the complexities of blending and adding paint in a single stroke - you'll be in full control of the mixer brush settings.  All 15 worksheets are downloadable so you'll be able to revisit them any time you feel a bit rusty!

6 Cheat Sheets

Let's face it - the mixer brush has a LOT of settings!  I have created a cheat sheet to help you during the information assimilation phase of learning to paint.  I have also created a cheat sheet to help you when painting faces and your furry friends.  You should move in specific directions when painting faces and fur and sometimes people don't find those directions very intuitive!  I'm also including a brush cheat sheet to help you master my favorite brushes.  There is also "good and bad" cheat sheet for both portraits and pets to give you an example of "good" brushwork versus poor brush work for each scenario.  All cheat sheets are downloadable and printable so that you can have them by your side when you are working.

Clone Painting Action

$39 value

If you are a Corel Painter, you're used to cloning.  With a very complicated set up, you can clone paint in Photoshop as well.  I have created an action to automatically set up your images for clone painting to simplify this process.  The action is included with this course!

Includes access to my course:

"Create a Painting in 10 Minutes or Less!"

$49 value
click here for full info

This technique is HUGE in my client workflow - and now made even better by Heather the Painter's BEAUTIFUL Classical Remixed Backgrounds! No complicated Photoshop masking. No weird blending techniques. Just a few simple steps using affordable plugins and you can get a painted look in minutes!  This is how I sell paintings to clients on spec (and then I hand paint them for the final image and they're amazed at the final results!)

Lifetime Access 

$249 value

You'll have access to the course materials for as long as elevateyourart.com is around.


13 Brushes

$195 value

A robust set of brushes are INCLUDED with this course. These are the brushes I use most often in my daily work. By utilizing the mixer brush controls, I am able to get almost any look I desire by starting with these presets! In addition to the brushes in the examples below, you'll also receive a highlight brush and a shadow brush to assist in preparing your photographs for painting.

Every image on this page was painted with these brushes!

Underpainting Blender/Cloner

Refine Details Blender/Cloner

Fine Details Blender/Cloner

Rough & Messy Blender/Cloner

Chalky Color Painter

Mixer Practice Brush

Solid Color Painter

Scatter Blender/Cloner

Coarse Hair Painter/Blender

Fine Hair Blender/Painter

Skin Blender

Just imagine the possibilities...

With your newfound skills and a bit of artistic imagination, you can create unique, custom works of art for your clients in a very short amount of time.

Before & After

This piece of artwork was created in the alla prima style.  The image on the left is straight out of the camera, the image on the right is the completed work.  This unique style is a fast method of creating a high end, custom artpiece that appears to have taken an extended period of time.  It is very popular with my clients!

Quick Tip #2 ~

"Easy Impressionism"

If you are struggling to paint in an impressionistic style, try using your non-dominant hand.  This will force your strokes to be lose and free flowing.  The end resuts are often surprisingly great!

"After the Storm"

Quick Tip #3 ~

"Always Use Layers"

Never, ever, EVER paint directly onto your original image layer (named "Background" by default).  You should always be working in layers so that if you make a mistake (and you will!) you'll be able to back up and correct it.  It's a simple step to ensure longterm success with every image you create!

Student Results

I am so honored to be able to share this before and after from one of my January 2017 students, DiAnna Paulk.  Only a few short weeks after the course, DiAnna painted this image and entered it into her district competition where it received a score of 96!  Some of the comments from the judges included...


“one of the best painter jobs I’ve ever seen; so beautiful and delicate; the face is done so delicately”

“skin tones, what was done on the face, it’s just done so extremely well that we need to reward this maker with exceptional”

Hearing those sorts of comments from a judging panel in reference to the technique used speaks volumes!

DiAnna has this to say...

"I’ve always wanted to be an artist, but came from a little country school system that did not offer the background I needed to pursue this dream in college.  Photography met this desire on many levels, but when I discovered you could paint on photographs digitally it rocked my world.  For years I’ve tried to learn to do so in Corel Painter but found it so frustrating that I quit.  Enter Photoshop Artisan and painting in Photoshop and now I am hooked! For my first two attempts I had one loan and one merit. I am in the process of reinventing my branding to put this as the main emphasis in my photography.  I count the cost of the course as one of the best investments I have ever made in realizing the dream of a lifetime!  Thank you, Michelle!!"

Video Testimonials...


Diane Norton

Diane took the workshop in October of 2017


Chris Smith, M.Photog

Chris took the workshop in January of 2017


This Level #1 Course Will Teach You...

  • never to be at the mercy of ready-made brushes
  • complete mastery of every mixer brush setting
  • how to blend with control
  • how to add color to your canvas
  • "clone" painting
  • a simpler way to paint
  • how to "dry" the paint on your canvas
  • how to paint with a "dirty brush"
  • how to paint with a "clean brush"
  • how to make your brush "run out of paint"
  • how to add a fresh load of paint to your brush each time you lift your Wacom Pen
  • how to "clean" the brush each time you lift your Wacom Pen
  • control how "wet" the paint on the canvas is (a little bit wet, or a LOT wet?)
  • how to add color and blend it with what is already on the canvas in a single brush stroke
  • control how fast the brush "runs out of paint"
  • control how much paint mixes in with what is already on the canvas
  • control how fast the paint comes off your brush
  • control how strong (or weak) the blender works
  • how to "build up" color by holding your Wacom Pen to the tablet
  • when to paint on a single layer, or sample from every layer in the layers palette
  • how to use pen pressure - on the fly - to determine your brush size

FALL Workshop Registration

September 24-25, 2018
Just $595!

Class will be held ONLINE from 8:30-5:30 CST each day (with ample breaks)
You'll have access to the recordings for as long as elevateyourart.com exists!