Private, IN PERSON Apprenticeship

Come to my farm and studio in the beautiful hills of Tennessee for a one of a kind learning experience!


What do you get with your private, in person apprenticeship?

I'm an open book! We can study in any area you'd like! And I'll even cook you lunch and supply all the coffee you can drink ;)

I'm skilled in several areas such as:

  • Tiny space studio lighting
  • Off Camera Flash Outdoors
  • Photoshop Retouching
  • Photoshop Painting
  • Composite Imagery
  • Competition Printing
  • much more...

Working together in my studio one-on-one allows us the freedom to fully customize your learning experience to fill the gaps in your knowledge.



One day, in person apprenticeship sessions are $1295

Two day, in person apprenticeship sessions are $1995

An invoice will be sent following the confirmation of your private session date and time.  This invoice must be paid IN FULL within 48 hours to guarantee your session. 

Airfare and accommodations additional.



The farm and studio are located approximately 65 miles from the Nashville International Airport (BNA).  You'll need to rent a car as Uber (and other such services) are scarce in rural areas.

The closest, and nicest place to stay is the Canon Inn.  It is approximately 12 miles from the farm.  It is locally owned, fairly priced, and is really a fantastic place to stay.  Don't be put off by the size (it has only nine rooms) -- the small town feel is great! The students that have stayed here have given rave reviews! Visit their website by clicking HERE.


What others are saying...

"I spent two fantastic instruction-packed days with Michelle on her farm in the beautiful hills of Tennessee. Michelle evaluated images that I brought with me to see where I needed refining and help. She provided critiques on my lighting and shooting habits and helped me see what needed improvement. The first day, we covered everything from equipment, and creative storage in small spaces, studio lighting patterns, advanced focusing techniques and how to light with off camera flash and better control backgrounds outdoors. As an experienced photographer, I didn't need the basics, I needed to refine and focus on the missing links to take my work to the next level. I spent the second day reviewing images from our photo shoots with Michelle and learning how to handle my biggest retouching challenges. Having a master teacher by your side is essential - I received personalized instruction for my learning gaps and I saw the benefits as soon as I returned to my studio and started practicing what I learned. With that practice and the things I learned from Michelle, I can't wait to take my work to new heights!"
~Anne-Marie Shumate

Michelle is a Master Photographer, Master Artist, Photographic Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer with a proven track record as an exceptional educator.


Application for Private, IN PERSON Apprenticeship