Featured Student - Irene Bowers 🎨

This absolutely stunning painting was created in Photoshop CC by Beyond the Brushes student, Irene Bowers.  

Irene became a member of Beyond the Brushes in September 2019. Like many artists, she's no longer satisfied with the typical "pixel mushing" used by mainstream digital painters. Her goal with joining was to achieve a more organic painterly experience that more accurately replicates the process of painting in oil.

Irene says..

"Creating impactful and painterly images has been a passion of mine for a number of years, after being introduced to the smudge tool and mixer brush quite a while back.  I have been blessed to study with talented photographers, and more blessed to spend the time to practice my craft."

When I asked Irene what her biggest challenge was in creating this painting she said...

"The greatest challenge with this, and other images, is to release myself from the photographic "rules" and truly embrace letting go as an artist."

She also had this to say about her experience as a Beyond the Brushes member...

"Beyond the Brushes is an amazing environment to explore Michelle's very unique method of digital painting.   The progression from beginner to more advanced stages is very deliberate and intentionally thought out, with careful and helpful critiques provided by both Michelle and the other talented review specialists. Any person can grow their artistic abilities if they put the time and effort into trusting the process.   You don't need a fancy camera. You do need pixels and perseverance, with a healthy dose of courage!  I highly recommend Beyond the Brushes! "

Irene has earned her Master Artist degree from the Professional Photographers of America as well as her Master Photographer degree from the Professional Photographers of California.  She has taken the skills learned in earning both of these degrees and applied them to this masterful work of art!

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